“Writing is hard”

I’m starting a blog!  Why?  Because my Employment law professor Ron Shingler asked all of his students if they had a blog, and everyone said “Nope.”  Well, I was both angry and inspired all at the same time!  (For some reason, those two emotions always seem to coexist for me.)  I was in a class of 20 perspective paralegals, and not one of us felt that our thoughts were worthy of publication!  What absurdity!  And since I’m always the loud mouth of the class, I figured if anyone was going to start blogging it should be me.  So I would like to take a moment to say “Thanks for the inspiration, Professor.”

I guess I understand why people don’t blog.  Writing is hard.  But if you don’t grow, you die inside.  Personally, I think writing is a lot like dancing.  You have to be confident enough in yourself to just let go and let it happen.  People might laugh at you or think you are a fool, but at least you had the courage to do it.  So, the music has started.  Time to dance!


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