“Writing is hard”

I’m starting a blog!  Why?  Because my Employment law professor Ron Shingler asked all of his students if they had a blog, and everyone said “Nope.”  Well, I was both angry and inspired all at the same time!  (For some reason, those two emotions always seem to coexist for me.)  I was in a class of 20 perspective paralegals, and not one of us felt that our thoughts were worthy of publication!  What absurdity!  And since I’m always the loud mouth of the class, I figured if anyone was going to start blogging it should be me.  So I would like to take a moment to say “Thanks for the inspiration, Professor.”

I guess I understand why people don’t blog.  Writing is hard.  But if you don’t grow, you die inside.  Personally, I think writing is a lot like dancing.  You have to be confident enough in yourself to just let go and let it happen.  People might laugh at you or think you are a fool, but at least you had the courage to do it.  So, the music has started.  Time to dance!


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Got a “first world problem”? NPR is the answer

Yesterday, I had a “first world problem”.  I was driving home from work, feeling stressed.  After two years of night classes, I have finally completed my paralegal classes so I need to do a three week, unpaid internship.  Since I am currently working, I will have to burn almost all of my vacation time for this year.  Plus, I still needed to find a law office for my internship, make a resume and cover letter.  It was time to leave the nest of the classroom and spread my legal wings in the real world, but for some reason I was filled with anxiety and doubt.

Instead of continuing to stress about my internship, I decided to turn on the radio and see what was going on in the world via NPR.  At first, I listened to a fascinating report about, of all things, electric eels and how scientist are trying to clone their electricity producing body cells.  Following that report, the news program “All Things Considered” aired the segment linked below.

Salwa Bugaighis, a civil rights attorney from Libya, was murdered in her home that day.  Her body was found in the living room of her house by her cousin.  She had been stabbed and shot.  Salwa’s husband is also missing and is presumed dead.  According to the report “Salwa Bugaighis was an advocate for human rights and was, most recently, trying to mediate peace and reconciliation between Libya’s many warring factions. Yesterday, she was in her hometown of Benghazi to vote in the country’s parliamentary election, which she saw as a step toward the Libya she envisioned – democratic and stable.”

I felt so foolish.  How could I be so distracted by my minor issues when there are people like Salwa who are sacrificing everything to fight for freedom and democracy?  Thank you, NPR for telling Salwa’s story.


Salwa Bugaighis

Salwa Bugaighis



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Love is…

…coming home to find a hot pizza in the kitchen and Gladiator on the TV!  It is a very good day!  “What we do in life, echoes in Eternity!”

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